Cajun Boils and BBQ


Crawfish Boil

With its visually impressive preparation and service, crawfish boils are anything but typical. Crawfish boils include crawfish, sausage, baby red potatoes, corn, onions, garlic, and spices. You may also want to add pineapple, mushrooms, hot dogs, artichokes, or Brussels sprouts. Once cooked, the all-in-one pot is drained and poured out onto a table for hungry appetites to feast upon.

Low-Country Boil

Low County Boils or "Frogmore Stew" as it is known in some areas of the Carolinas is a great way to enjoy a boil (almost) year round. Despite its name, this dish does not contain frog―it gets its name from the tiny coastal South Carolina town of Frogmore. This boil is a one-pot dish of shrimp and/or crabs, corn on the cob, and spicy sausage all boiled together and then served up on a plate or communal table for friends to gather around and visit.

Maryland Steamed Crabs

Marylanders prepare their blue crabs by steaming them, rather than the boiling that is common in Louisiana. Thoroughly coated in Old Bay, bushels of crabs are steamed for a plentiful seafood feast. However you want to do it, we are happy to help make it a great time. Add boiled corn, sausage, and potatoes to have your own little mix of North and South.

Louisiana Crab Boil

A great backyard party, a real Louisiana seafood boil requires a 100-quart pot on top of a propane burner. Shrimp and/or crabs along with sausage, baby red potatoes, corn, onions, and garlic soak up the spicy brew. Spread out some newspapers and the table is set. Saltines and cocktail sauce are optional. Cold beer is essential.

Southern BBQ

America loves barbecue and no barbecue is as good as Southern BBQ. At Cajun Catering we slow cook, grill, and smoke quality cuts of meat to perfection and serve with savory baked beans and bacon, cole slaw, and jalapeno cornbread. Cajun Catering can create a mix of flavorful barbecued meats and all the fixin’s to satisfy your guests with this hearty Southern cuisine.

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